Golden Green Tea | First Spring Harvest

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Name: Huang Jin Lv Cha | Golden Green Tea

Origin:  Xiangxi, Hunan Province, China

Tasting Notes:
A Gentle, savory, sweet, buttery treat.

This beautiful single leaf bud tea, where almost every leaf bud will float to the top of tall glass cup when brewing, the dancing tea leafs in the first steep will be releasing aromatic hints of sweet, savory vegetable and chicken broth.

The tea is clear and bright, with a soft yellow tinge that evolves into a gorgeous light gold color.

You're left with a light mouth water which makes the next sip that much more enjoyable. 

Brewing suggestions: 
2g. of tea for teabook tumbler
Temp: Low 175°F | 79°C (let cool 5 mins after boil)

Tea master notes:
Tall Glass Cup: 2 g. of tea | 12 oz. water 
Altitude: 300m | ~984 ft
Fermentation: 1%

*50g of tea yields more than 25 cups