The Study Of Puerh Tea

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Join me on my journey to become a Tea Master as I share my experiences, research, and knowledge of great tea with you

About me

Hi, my name is Jeffrey McIntosh and I have a passion for good tea. Tea has not only changed my life, but saved it. 10 years ago, I was offered my first real cup of tea and that experience started me on this journey. I soon traveled to Yunnan Province in China where I was fortunate enough to work with a number of renowned Tea Masters, including the owner of Denong Tea. I worked hard to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and over time gained an extensive knowledge of tea cultivation in China, including: retail and wholesale markets, quality control, sourcing, growing, preparation, and tea drinking etiquette.

After returning to the United States, I became an tea industry entrepreneur. As part of my businesses, I traveled all over China searching for the very best quality tea leaves for my international clientele. Then I began working with other Tea Masters in the US and oversaw the opening of retail stores. In addition, I've lent my skills to project management, training, e-commerce, PR, consulting, and brand standardization.

The next important goal in my career is to become a Tea Master. I want share what I learn on this journey with you.

About my project

My first stop on this journey is to deepen my study of puerh tea with world-renowned Puerh Tea Master and the owner of Denong Tea, Ms. Luo. In China, to study under a Tea Master in this manner is a great honor and an even greater responsibility because this is the process through which a Master’s knowledge and expertise is passed down and their legacy is preserved.

Your support as a patron will allow me to continue my studies to become a Tea Master while sharing my research and knowledge with you directly. You will find several different tiers of patronage, each with their own rewards. Some higher levels include options to receive shipments of a variety of puerh that I find during my travels. 

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